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Albemarle – Charlottesville Regional Jail strives to provide high-quality confinement services in a safe and humane environment. The facility makes every effort to minimize civil liability while observing and adhering to the constitutional rights of inmates through all services provided. The facility is professionally recognized locally and nationally as a fully accredited agency through the VA Department of Corrections Board of Local and Regional Jails which also assesses the quality of health services provided in correctional settings, while helping those facilities improve those services.

The Accreditation Manager/Compliance Officer is the policy writer of the facility and is charged with monitoring and ensuring facility conditions of confinement and custody services meet federal, state and local regulatory standards including security, medical, and sanitation as it relates to the uniqueness of this facility. Accreditation is an oversight function that provides and verifies the standards that an organization are required to meet to be publicly recognized as conforming to professional mandates by performing internal audits as well as developing, reviewing, researching, revising and ensuring implementation of policies and procedures approved by the Superintendent/designee. 

Achieving and maintaining accreditation is an agency-wide effort and requires support from all departments within the facility.


Nicole Dinunzi

Accreditation Manager

Phone: (434) 977-6981 ext. 220   Fax: (434) 951-1339


Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

To request records from the ACRJ, please contact Theresa Schwab at  434-977-6981 x268 or via email at

Click here for more information on the Virginia Freedom of Information Act and How to Request Records

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