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Landline Earpiece


For more information contact:

Nicole Dinunzi or 434-977-6981 x220

Inmate Telephones 


Please see canteen and video visitation pages for funding these accounts


  1. Inmates must protect their pin numbers to their accounts. ACRJ does not give refunds.

  2. Inmates have the ability to use the wall phones in the housing area or use the phone dialer app on the tablet to make calls.

  3. Be advised that only either the Inmate or the called party gets charged, but not both.

    • The rates are the same either way. (Subject to change).

      • $0.12/ min

      • $0.50/min for international prepaid collect and debit

      • $3.00 IVR and Live rep fees

  4. All inmates receive two (15 minute) free calls including long-distance and domestic international to use at their discretion. After this, in order for an inmate to make calls either:

    • The called party must set up IC Solutions so the inmate can only call their phone  or

    • The inmate must have funds on their canteen account and transfer money to buy phone time.

  5. Accounts can be set up for landlines or cellphones.

  6. All calls are recorded and subject to monitoring.

  7. Attorney calls are not knowingly recorded and it the responsibility of the attorney to contact the jail to register their firm.

  8. Inmates must record their true name so family/attorney knows whose calling.

  9. Each call can last up to 15 minutes.

  10. Inmates are not allowed to call persons who are their victims, victim’s families or any other person that has a court-order or does not want the inmate to call or anyone they don’t know or who does not want to be contact.

    • See below how to block an Inmate(s) from calling.

  11. An inmate can make as many calls they want between 8:00 am until 10:00 pm daily. (unless there is a disciplinary restriction) 

  12. You will not be reimbursed for dropped calls as you only pay for what you talk. (Cell phone accounts are set up at your own risk). 

  13. Telephone access can be regulated and/or terminated in accordance withfacility policies and procedures.

  14. You will not be reimbursed for calls disabled for safety and security reasons of the facility as you only are charged for what you talk. 

  15. Staff is not allowed to give messages to inmates including advising them that an account has been set up for inmates to call them. 

  16. You have options to send them messages on the tablet or the phone (depending on which option you choose).

  17. Legitimate emergency messages (which will be verified) should be addressed to the Shift Commander or Classification Department (link to page) and will be given to the inmate according to facility policy and procedure. 



Attorneys Registration for Calls/Visits (free)

  1. Attorneys shall contact to learn more about how to register set up a free account.

    • This includes free voicemail and video visitation. (Not the same as appt).

  2. These costs are absorbed by ACRJ to ensure that access to legal assistance is not hampered due to inmate’s financial status.

    • ACRJ does not recommend any Attorney. 

    • Attorneys are chosen at the Inmates’ discretion.

  3. This is a change.  – Effective Monday, July 26, 2021 – Any attorney who is not properly registered will NOT be permitted to visit with their clients until they have properly registered and scheduled a visit per current facility processes in the IC Solutions Software whether in person, by video or by phone. 

  4. Our scheduling team will ONLY be scheduling multi-person Zooms effective Monday, July 26, 2021.

  5. There will be no exceptions, and in order to better serve you, we appreciate your cooperation. 

  6. This information was sent out to the local VA Bar back in May 2021 from Colonel Kumer.

  7. If you (each individual attorney, REGARDLESS of your law firm or any other previous registration) have not communicated with Mrs. Gequetta “G.” Murray-Key (Chief of Operations)  since June 2021, you are not properly registered and will not be able to communicate with your clients after Sunday, July 25, 2021 until this process is completed. Reference above.

  8. A valid state issued Bar Card / State issued photo ID shall be presented when coming to the facility for an in person visit.

  9. Inmates will consult with their attorney in the attorney booths of the jail.

  10. Communications between Inmate and their attorney will be private and confidential. 

  11. To better serve you while adhering to facility needs, although we make everyone attempt to honor all attorney requests for visits because we do understand that on occasion situation arise, attorneys are strongly encouraged to schedule these during ACRJ’s visit schedules as this impacts other important needs of the facility.

  12. Only Attorney/professional visits are in 30 minute increments at a time.

  13. NOTE: (Inmate Tablets) is for FAMILIES/FRIENDS ONLY.  This shall not be used as Attorney visits as this system is NOT considered privileged.   

  14. ATTORNEYS SHALL USE – to register or update registration.

    1. You must contact (Gequetta “G.” Murray-Key – Chief of Operations) if you have any questions about this and to appropriately finalize your registration.



Bail Bond company (free)

  1. Bail bonds can contact to learn more about how set up a free account.

  2. These costs are absorbed by ACRJ to ensure that access to contact a bail bonds company is not hampered due to inmates financial status.

  3. ACRJ does not recommend any Bail Bonds companies are chosen at the Inmates’ discretion.


General Public

  1. You have 2 options to help an inmate make calls depending on what you are trying to do.  Please review both options before deciding.

  2. If you want to set up an Inmate Telephone account ONLY (no canteen) so the Inmate can only call your phone and not other people with your funds. (When the inmate is released you must contact IC Solutions for a refund of your balance. This is not automatic.

  3. Click here to go to  or call 1-888-506-8407 to set up a pre-paid account. Inmates cannot do collect calls. You pay what you talk.

  4. This set up allows you to leave inmate voicemail. Note: This service costs $1 per message.

  5. After setting up an IC Solutions account, you must call 434-260-6640 in order to actually leave a message.

    • Note: Our facility does not give non-emergency message as you have the option to leave a voicemail or send an email.  (Telling an inmate that you have set up a phone account is not considered an emergency.)

  6. For emergencies (death in family, medical emergencies etc.) please visit our or call 434-977-6981 x261

  7. If you want to put money on an account so that an Inmate can make phone calls, send emails and buy canteen, then click here to go to  This allows the inmate to transfer money to the phone and (buy phone time) and CALL WHOMEVER THEY WANT THAT WILL ACCEPT THEIR CALLS. 

  8. This is treated like a bank account and the inmate has discretion.

Inmate Voicemail   

  1. An IC Solutions Inmate Telephone account must be set up/paid for by you to use this service.  See section Inmate Telephones above.

  2. You will be asked for the pin # you created when you set up the account. (The family/friend created) 

  3. Then you will be asked for the inmate’s ID number/Canteen #. (This is NOT the booking number). 

  4. Now the family/friend should then be able to leave the inmate a message. 

  5. Families pay $1 to leave the message but, inmates can listen to it for free. 

  6. When the inmate picks up the phone and put in their ID# the phone system tells them they have a message. (Jail staff don’t tell inmates to check their messages)


How to Block/unblock calls or other communication from Inmates

  1. If you receive a call/email/letter from an inmate, and you are threatened or harassed in any way, the best option is not to accept any more calls. 

  2. However, if this does happen to you, you should file a report with your local law enforcement agency who can investigate to determine whether criminal prosecution should be initiated. 

  3. Phone block request and removal of a blocked number can only be done in writing by the phone account holder by email, fax, mail, or in person with valid ID. 

  4. Administrative (ACRJ) block – removal will require the approval of jail administration or designee. Called party requested block – removal will require request in writing to:

    1. Gequetta “G.” Murray-Key, Chief of Operations  

  5. The requestor must the phone account holder. The Inmate cannot do this.



  1. You are not allowed to make 3-way calls for an inmate(s) for any reason. This includes but is not limited to: calling family, friends, victims, ACRJ, Probation and Parole, OAR, Region Ten, attorneys, courts etc. 

  2. Violation of ACRJ phone/email policies could result in disciplinary actions against the inmate and your phone number shall be suspended by the facility from receiving calls from ACRJ and/or criminal charges could also be placed against you for assisting in criminal activities. 

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