The Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail’s onsite medical, mental health and dental staff are dedicated to providing unimpeded access to Medical, Dental, and Mental Health services in a timely manner. Health care services will be made available for all inmates committed to the facility.  Our goal is to deliver high quality and cost effective services for our inmate clientele. The Medical and Mental Health Staff is committed to teamwork and promoting a positive environment of care for both the employees and inmates. Our department’s vision is to help our clients achieve optimal health and to be better educated about their health as they transition back into the community. 

Very often inmates leave our facility in better health then when they entered. Improved communications with Medical and Mental Health Providers in the community has reinforced that health care follow-up appointments are provided promptly to those inmates who are released from the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail.  We are committed to the continued streamlining and development of the transition process.

Correctional Accreditation  

National Commission on Correctional Health Care Accreditation (NCCHC).

Medical, Dental and Mental Health Services Staff

Our current staffing consists of a Director of Medical Health Services (Nurse Practitioner), Medical Director (Physician), Physician Assistant, Mental Health Director (Forensic Psychiatrist), Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, a counselor, 1 Registered Nurse, 10 LPN’s, 1 CNA, Office Manager, Medical Records Clerk, an optometrist, and 2 rotating Dentists from the University of Virginia. The facility provides medical coverage 24 hours/ 7 days a week. The Medical Hold Unit has 9 beds to house inmates for medical observation and medical care. Nursing staff prepares and administers medications to inmates prescribed by the facility’s medical and mental health providers.

The medical staff operates a medical “sick call” and follow-up clinic (5) days a week.  Sick Call Requests are picked up from inmates twice a day; inmates are then scheduled for a clinic visit according to cell block and urgency. We provide medical care for various chronic conditions such as: Hypertension, Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, and Mental Health. Emergency situations are seen immediately. There is co-pay for services, however, no inmate shall be denied services regardless of ability to pay. 

All Inmates are screened for tuberculosis, physical health issues, and mental health issues when they first enter the facility. All inmates receive a physical examination within 14 days of entering the facility. Inmates are sent to the University of Virginia Medical Center or Martha Jefferson Hospital for medical emergencies and follow-up appointments as determined by the providers.

Inmate Medications

  • Inmates should bring current medications with them on arrival, when possible. 

  • Family members may bring medications for newly arrested family members to the front desk. Please do not bring controlled substances (e.g. narcotics, pain killers, muscle relaxers, tranquilizers) unless you call the Medical Department first and are asked to bring them.

    • Medicine should be brought in the original labeled medical container prescribed for the Inmate.

      • We strive to ensure continuity of care and work with the inmates outside providers to ensure appropriate medications are prescribed. 

    • Only medical staff can accept medications.

    • A decision will be made by an ACRJ Nurse Practitioner and/or Doctor as to whether medications prescribed by community providers will be continued or changed for use within our facility.

Medical Appointments

Pre-existing medical appointments will be rescheduled per security regulations and at the discretion of the medical providers.

Dental Services

  • We perform dental screenings and extractions. 

  • We do NOT remove wisdom teeth.  

Optical Care

  • Reading glasses are accepted with a prescription accompanying them.  

    • Non-prescribed reading glasses are not accepted from family and can be purchase off the inmate canteen (link to that page) or the Inmate can complete an Inmate Request Form.

  • Prescription glasses may be submitted to the medical unit, but also must meet security requirements to be accepted.

  • Contact lens solution can be brought in by the Inmate’s family as long as it is in its original sealed/labeled unopened container.  

Medical Equipment

All medical equipment and supplies must be approved by medical staff and security prior to being allowed in the cellblock areas.

Community Partnerships

ACRJ also serves as an institution for practical learning. Students from UVA, Martha Jefferson and Piedmont Virginia Community College receive practical experience working directly with our inmates while also teaching inmates information such as appropriate nutritional regimen to continue proper health goals, sexual safety, exercises and other good practices that will enhance their medical, mental and dental needs.  The students that take part in this “internship” can develop competencies (knowledge, skills, abilities, and motivation) needed for a career in Corrections healthcare through daily interaction with staff and offenders. Their experiences are closely or similarly related to their academic studies. We also work with other agencies such as Region Ten.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may call:

Thedra Nichols, NP

434-977-6981 ext. 277