Effective January 1, 2017

General mailing address for all incarcerated (No Funds should be sent to the address. Please see below for instructions on funding an inmate’s account):

c/o Inmate First and Last Name, ID # (call 434-977-6981 ext 261 for this information)
Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional (ACRJ)

160 Peregory Ln
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Go to the Inmate Communication page or Inmate Accounts page for additional information on inmate email, canteen and telephone information. 


The Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail has strict inmate mail procedures for security and safety reasons. All inmates are advised of these regulations/guidelines via notices and the inmate handbook which are subject to change at any time. Inmates are directed to notify anyone that might send mail or packages of the rules. Any mail or packages received that are contrary to these guidelines may be returned to the sender or disposed of as appropriate. Many of the items that are not allowed, are readily available through the Canteen Department

The Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail has the right to return any item(s) that are deemed potentially harmful and/or possibly cause security concerns within the jail environment. Your cooperation when corresponding with an inmate will be greatly appreciated.


Your mail or package will be denied for the following reason(s):

  • All envelopes and paper must be free of debris and/or any illegal substances, perfume/cologne, lip stick, or dried liquids. 

  • All incoming mail must have a full name and return address

  • No name from or return address

  • Food or cosmetic items

  • Blank envelopes (with or without postage attached)

  • Envelopes with metal clasps

  • Postage stamps that were not used to mail package

  • Envelopes with gang or suggestive drawings/artwork

  • Blank money orders (money orders must be signed and made payable to the inmate)

  • Out of state money orders (must be from a US Postal Office)

  • Greeting cards: that plays music; plastic; blank; pop up style; 3D style; includes ribbons and/or bows; or that have been altered. 

  • Postcards larger than 6"x 9"

  • Photographs or pictures that depict full or partial nudity; suggestive; depict gang tattoos or hand gesture

  • Identification cards or facsimiles

  • Photographs that depict inmate for whom the mail is intended

  • Paper clips, staples, pens, pencils, glitter, stickers, glued or gummed labels

  • Rosary beads, balloons, string bracelets or jewelry items

  • Lottery tickets or pre-paid telephone cards

  • Any type of tape on letters

Do not send cash, personal or second party checks, payroll checks, out of state checks to inmates.

To place funds on an inmate’s books see below:

Putting money on an inmate’s book / account

Money orders / Cashier’s Check  should be mailed to the following address ONLY. (Please do NOT include any other items such as photos, letters in this envelop). You may also send inmates money over the phone or come to the jail 24/7 and place funds on the inmate’s account through the kiosk or by mail below:

ACRJ – Inmate Canteen Fund 

C/O Inmate’s Full Name and Canteen Number
PO Box 7626

Charlottesville, VA 22906


Books, Publications or Periodicals

All books and magazine must be sent directly from a publisher: Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Walmart / verified online book selling coming

We will not accept:

  • Anything NOT sent directly from a publisher

  • Anything of an explicit sexual nature

  • Hardcover books