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Food Market



It is the mission of the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail’s Food Service Department to ensure that all inmates housed in the ACRJ as well as the Blue Ridge Detention Center receive meals that are nutritionally balanced, well-planned, prepared and served in the manner that meets established industry standards for health and safety in addition to the VA Department of Corrections Jail Minimum Standards. Meals are provided three times per day to the inmate population; including those who are going out to court or a work assignment. 


Inmates apply and train to become Serv Safe certified while incarcerated at ACRJ. This certification is invaluable to the food service industry and helps to bolster employment opportunities to these individuals once they are released from custody.  


Inmates are able to apply to work on “trustee” status and may be chosen to work in the Food Service Department. These inmates work under the direct supervision of ACRJ Food Service staff which includes the Food Services Director, Jessica Harlow who serves as the President of the Association of Correctional Food Service Affiliates the International Association of Correctional Food Service Professionals (ACFSA). We are also proud to recognize Ms. R. Bowles has also received national recognition from her peers in the correctional food service industry for her contributions and sacrifices over the years.


Additionally, there are five (5) Food Service Supervisors (civilian staff) who supervise inmates in preparing these meals. ACRJ Food Service staff are employees of the facility who are also responsible for overseeing meals prepared by inmates for the staff of ACRJ as well. This department has managed to save taxpayers thousands of dollars without sacrificing taste or nutrition. 


In addition, the Food Service Department works with the facility’s Chaplain as well as the Medical Department to ensure individual dietary needs are met.


*Trustees must be approved through the ICC process.


Our team consists of:


S. Spera, Food Service Director

M. Woodson, Food Service Supervisor

K. Vest, Food Service Supervisor

S. Fogle, Food Service Supervisor

D. Gutierrez, Food Service Supervisor

R. Miller, Food Service Supervisor

H. Harris, Food Service Supervisor

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