Contact Gequetta G. Murray-Key, Chief of Operations  or 434-977-6981 x226 for more information.


1.      No Inmate will be denied basic hygiene because he/she has no funds.

2.      Note: The inmate has 3 different types of accounts which require a different set up for each:

a.       Inmate telephone

b.      Canteen

c.       Tablet

3.      Inmates may order (canteen) hygiene items, tennis shoes, shorts, chips, soup, coffee, and other items that may be                 found in a typical convenience store for themselves.

4.      There may be limits to the amount each inmate can order/have ordered per week.

5.      Money can be put on the inmate’s account so that the inmate can purchase:

a.       Canteen

b.      Phone time to call whomever they want.


                                                              i. for tablet time. (Inmates cannot purchase                                                                        this themselves)

6.      Family/friends may order for the inmate at

a.       All orders (inmate’s and family/friends) are due by 10p Sunday night.

b.      Note: Family orders can take up to 3 weeks to be sent to ACRJ.

c.       To order:

                                                              i.      Select the Virginia for the state

                                                             ii.      Select Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail (for the facility)

                                                            iii.      Select the inmate’s name to place an order for them. (Ensure you                                                                                  select the right person)


7.      Issues/concerns or refund questions about:

a.       an inmate’s order shall be directed to:  Gequetta “G.” Murray-Key, Chief of Operations

b.      a family/friend’s order shall be directed to OASIS at:  1-800-956-2747  (note: Family orders can take up to 3            weeks to be sent to ACRJ).



  •      For more information regarding Video Visitation/Tablet Streaming use visit the Video Visitation page.

  •      For more information regarding the Inmate Telephone visit the Inmate Telephone page.

1.      Inmates must protect their pin numbers and IDs to all accounts.

2.      ACRJ does not provide refunds for stolen pin numbers.  Inmates are notified of this.

3.      Inmates’ accounts and their balance cannot be discussed with anyone other than the inmate. Funds can only be                   released to the inmate. 

4.      An inmate can fill out an ACRJ Inmate Property Release Form to release money/property. You must present valid                 government issued photo ID. Please visit the Inmate Property page.


Fees charged to inmates:

1.      Although the Code of Virginia §53.1 – 131.3 Payment of costs associated with prisoner keep allows this ACRJ does               NOT charge for this.

2.      Inmates are charged co-pays for certain medical services.

3.      Inmates are charged for any property damage.

4.      Any inmate meeting the facility definition of indigent (no funds) will still receive basic hygiene products and writing               material to communicate with their legal counsel and family members.


BY MAIL (Free Option)

1.      ACRJ has no control over the US mail process. It can take days/weeks to arrive at our PO Box.

2.      Cashier’s check or money order are ONLY accepted to the address (NO CASH) which must have the inmate’s name               full name and the facility name on it. The sender’s name and address are also required. 

3.      NOTE: Jail staff are NOT allowed accept hand delivered cashier’s check or money order from any person/agency for           any reason.

4.      Do not include any other notes or photos etc. in the envelope – this does not go to the inmate. It is simply placed               on their account.


ACRJ – Inmate Canteen Fund

Care of (Inmate’s Full Name at Booking), Inmate’s ID #

P.O. Box 7626

Charlottesville, VA 22906



1.      Go to  (for canteen and phone only to call anyone)    

2.      Go to  to add money for video visitation, tablet use

3.      Go to to add money for Inmate telephones ONLY (to call a specific person)


1.      For canteen and phone only.

2.      NOT for tablets/video visits

3.      This is available  24/7 at the jail in the main lobby.

4.      CASH - $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100 bills accepted– no change is given or no change is accepted for deposit.

5.      Cash will not be accepted by jail staff if the lobby kiosk is working.

6.      Credit cards can be  used (ONLY VISA & Master Card)

7.      There are fees associated with using the ATM depending on increments placed on the account.

8.      Credit cards canNOT be accepted by jail staff. 

9.      NOT ALL VISA or MASTER CARDS are accepted. ACRJ cannot impact that, you must check-in with your bank).

10.    Family members can ONLY make up to $300 in deposits per credit/debit card per week regardless of how                             many different inmates’ money is being added to.


1.      If for some reason the money posted on an inmate account through any method does not post, the sender/depositor MUST submit tickets to our support by going to the link, clicking the link to the issue you are having, and clicking the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the pop-up page.

a.      You may also call 870-627-5476   

b.      Neither Jail staff have no access to this information.


1.      The lobby kiosk may be down for processing.  If the kiosk is down due to issues out of the depositor’s                     control (according to ACRJ’s rules) – authorized jail staff will take those funds and write a receipt for the account to       be credited as soon as possible Monday – Friday 8a – 330p. Except on ACRJ recognized holidays.


2.      Please see the information above on how to check on funds deposited above.


REFUNDS:  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (specific to each vendor)

1.      How do released/transferred Inmates get the funds left on their account?

a.       Phone money transferred by the inmate from their canteen to their phone: will be included in the money back from canteen and released to the inmate or sent to their transfer facility.

b.      Video visitation/tablet streaming services by calling 866-516-0115 or going to

c.       Canteen (inmate ordered for themselves) - is the Inmate’s “jail banking account”. Funds deposited in the will be given to the Inmate at Release or transferred to the facility they are going to.

1.  Due to the day/time of release, the Inmate may have to come back the next business day Monday – Friday 8a – 330p. Except on ACRJ recognized holidays.

d.      Funds deposited on will be refunded to the Inmate upon release barring no outstanding fees to the jail (medical, destruction of property etc.).


2.      How does the family get their money back?

a.       Phone account set up directly by family go to  

b.      Video visitation/tablet streaming services by calling 866-516-0115 or going to

c.       Canteen (The family ordered on the Inmates behalf at and would like a refund.)

1.      Family should have their receipt ready. There is a restocking fee charge. Call them at  800-956-2747                       or