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  1. Inmate Records is responsible for preparing, maintaining, and overseeing criminal records and reports on all Inmates. 

    1. Only the Records Department can answer questions concerning time calculations and release dates. 

    2. Inmates must send Inmate Request Form to the Records Department to find out the following information:

      1. Release dates if the jail sentence is (12 months or less) without any detainers or pending charges. (Only the Records Department can answer this). 

      2. Bond Amounts and Court Dates for charges you are being currently held on.

      3. If you are out on bond on a charge contact your attorney for a court date and the status. 

      4. Past and current jail credits (ACRJ only) Records are only kept for 3 years. 

      5. Jail credits – All time spent in confinement for the charge or charges for which the Inmate was sentenced is credited towards the Inmate’s time unless otherwise specified by the court and/or previously been used to satisfy a prior sentence. Refer to the 2006 Code of Virginia § 53.1-187 - Credit for time spent in confinement while awaiting trial.

      6. ACRJ submits past incarcerations for DOC to review and determine what credit can be applied and the amount of credit awarded. This will be reflected on your legal update sheet. 


  1. Trustee Good Time Credit (JGT)/Program Exemplary Good Time Credit (EGT)

    1. Felony jail sentences do not receive any additional good time for trustee or program participation as release dates are already calculated with the maximum amount of good time allowed by Virginia Law.

    2. Mandatory sentences are excluded from any good time eligibility. 

    3. Misdemeanors can receive either Trustee Judicial Good Time (JGT) or Program Exemplary Good Time (EGT) credit, not both. 

      1. All Inmates serving misdemeanor sentences may earn 5 days of EGT every 30 days they participate in jail sponsored programs after being fully sentenced. 

        1. The awarding of EGT is at the discretion of the Superintendent/designee. 

        2. Inmates must request EGT by sending an Inmate Request Form to the Classification Department.

        3. Inmates receiving EGT credit who are serving a jail sentence will have the time deducted directly from their jail sentence by the ACRJ Records Department after receiving approval and documentation of program participation from the Classification Department.

        4. Inmates serving state responsible sentences are eligible for up to five days of EGT for every 30 days they participate in jail sponsored programming after being fully sentenced.

        5. Inmates must request EGT by sending an Inmate Request Form to the Classification Department. 

        6. The Virginia Department of Corrections will determine if any of the EGT will be credited towards your release date and will be reflected on your legal update sheet.

      2. JGT may be earned at the rate of 1 day for every 5 days worked on the trustee program. Trustee time is submitted by Work Release/Workforce Coordinator to the Records Department every 2 weeks and will be deducted according to the approval status of the respected court. 

        1. JGT will not be projected, because you must work it to receive it. 

        2. Inmates who are serving a state sentence will have the time deducted by the Department of Corrections. 

        3. Inmates may earn 1 day for every 5 days worked on the trustee program however the Department of Corrections will determine the amount of JGT awarded and will be reflected on your legal update sheet. 


  1. What the Records Department DOES NOT Provide: 

    1. Copies of paperwork that must be requested from your attorney or the court such as: 

      1. Warrants 

      2. Dispositions

      3. Sentencing orders 

      4. Notary Service (see section Classification Process)           

      5. Other copies (see section Classification Process)

      6. Federal Release dates and underlying charges you will need to contact your attorney for this information. 

    2. The Records Department will not be able to answer any questions regarding state sentenced legal update sheets (1 year/more).

      1. The Department of Corrections provides an automatic system to verify state numbers and release information. The phone number is 1-800-467-4943.

        1. Note: If information cannot be obtained by calling the above number it does not mean DOC has not received your paperwork. They will review and process your file according to their procedures. 

    3. Criminal History information will not be provided. Your family/friend or attorney can contact the Virginia State Police on how to obtain that information.

    4. You must address your questions to your attorney or the respective department whose contact information is listed below: 

      1. You shall have to have family or friends contact them for you. 

      2. Three-way calls are NOT permitted under any circumstances



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