Revised October 1, 2018 (All previous editions are obsolete) 

Subject to change at any time


All persons /vehicles entering the jail facilities /properties are subject to warrant checks and are subject to being searched or being video recorded. ACRJ grounds and facility(s) are subject to photo and video surveillance at all times. 

To encourage and strengthen family ties and communication, the Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail promotes and supports inmates to maintain ties with their families and friends through regular visits. In fact, we strongly feel that visitation is an important part of each inmate's rehabilitation. At the same time, the ACRJ provides for the safety and security of each facility, staff, inmates and most importantly, the safety of other visitors, the public, and you.

Therefore, this page was developed to familiarize you with the visitation rules and regulations that must be followed both prior to and during each visit. Visitation is a privilege for inmates and should not be considered a right. Therefore, please read the following information carefully; we trust that this information will be useful to you.

Regular Visitation: Effective as of : Saturday August 3, 2019 (Inmates were notified on 7/23/2019)

Public Inmate Visitation Schedule (Subject to change at any time)

It is recommended that all visitors contact the facility at 434-977-6981 ext. 261 prior to their arrival every time.   Due to the needs of the facility, visits may be cancelled at any time. Inmates housing assignments can change at any time, and when it does, they are immediately under their new housing areas assignments. Inmates are responsible for ensuring their families are aware of these changes. Call ahead to be sure about their location visitation status.

Pastoral Visits Are scheduled Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s & Friday’s from 8:00-11:00 a.m and 1:00-3:30 p.m.

Evening Visits are Monday’s, Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s from 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Wednesday Inmates housed in Segregation Units, Intake and Medical Visiting Hours are: 0800-1100 and 1300-1600.

Thursday Inmates housed in Segregation Units, Intake and Medical Visiting Hours are: 1830-2200.

Saturday Inmates Housed in HU-1, HU-2, and HU-3 Visiting Hours are: 0700-1100.

Saturday Inmates Housed on West and Ground Floor Visiting Hours are: 1230-1700 and 1830-2200.

Sunday Inmates Housed in HU-1, HU-2, and HU-3 Visiting Hours are: 0700-1100

Sunday Eastside /Female Visitation hours are: 1230-1700.

General Population inmates receive two (30 minutes) visits per month only. 

  1. The exception is that all trustee inmates are allowed to receive one visit per week for a total of four visits a month.

  2. No individual may swap out so that someone else can go in.

  3. The inmate must be classified and have all visitors including babies listed.

  4. All visitors must be pre-approved.  The inmate will be notified of their approved visitor list.  

    1. We do not provide this information over the phone.  Individuals must present valid government issued photo ID to see if they are on an inmate’s visitation list.


When an inmate is moved their visitation is changed to their new housing location.


YOU ARE ADVISED TO CALL 434-977-6981 ext. 261 prior to visiting because the facility could lockdown at any time unexpectedly.  This means visitation will be cancelled.

NOTE:  (This facility adheres to the County of Albemarle holiday schedule) 


Visits are scheduled on a "walk-in basis" based on availability first come/first serve. "Walk-in" is defined as a visitor being signed in for the contact/booth visit upon arrival to the facility. Once the visitor and the inmate are seated in the visitation room, the visitation begins. 


Each inmate is allowed three (3) visitors including any combination of adult(s) and child(ren) to visit them at a time.


Inmates can have up to 5 individuals on their visitation list.


Inmates are responsible for notifying you if you are approved to visit. they need your*:

  • full name

  • date of birth

  • address

*this includes babies


Only the following forms of photo government issued identification will be accepted: 

  • Driver’s license or Non-Driver’s state issued photo identification card

  • Passport

Any visitor under the age of eighteen (18) will only be allowed to visit an inmate if a facility issued Parental Permission Slip is completed. This form must be completed and signed at the facility and be supported by the child’s original birth certificate (for age verification) and an approved form of parental/ legal guardian ID. 

All visitors must walk through and successfully clear the electronic metal detector and are subject to themselves and their persons to be searched.


If there are protective orders in place on either party visitors will not be allowed to visit with the inmate.



  • The facility requires each visitor to adhere to a dress code.


  • Visitors will not be permitted to enter the contact visit room or booth visit room in layered clothing, ripped clothing, orange clothing, hooded clothing or tank tops spaghetti straps or shorts or any other attire deemed in appropriate for visitation with ACRJ inmates.


  • Visitors must wear clothing that is size appropriate. If visitors wear clothing that is too small or excessively big, they will be prohibited from visiting the inmate. 


  • Visitors shall NOT bring any items into the contact visit room or booth visit room including baby care items.  Doing so will terminate current and future visits.


  • All personal items must be left in the visitor’s locker. (i.e. combs, pen/pencils, cosmetics, food items, beverages, gum, tobacco products, money, wallets, cell phones, keys, coats, hats, plastic/metal barrettes and unapproved jewelry.) The only exceptions will be an approved wedding band and an approved religious medal, no larger than two (2) inches with a chain.  Doing so will terminate current and future visits.



An inmate and his or her visitor(s) are required to adhere to conduct which is consistent with the standard of public decency and correctional facility appropriate behaviors. The following can cause termination of a visit or future visits at ACRJ (this list is not inclusive and subject to facility staff discretion).


  • Physical contact between visitors and inmates is prohibited.  

  • An inmate and his or her visitor(s) are directly responsible for the conduct and behavior of children in their charge. Children must remain seated and within the immediate area of the inmate and visitor(s) at all times and shall not run around or destroy facility property. 

  • No visitor is allowed to communicate with ANY inmate outside of the inmate telephone or email system or facility authorized communication methods. 

  • Smoking is permitted in designated areas only

  • No personnel shall interact with jail staff in an unprofessional manner.

  • Bringing contraband to the facility for the purpose of inmate consumption or use is forbidden.


Attorney Visits 

  • Inmates will consult with their attorney in the attorney booths of the jail. Communications between inmate and their attorney will be private and confidential. 

  • Attorney visits are preferred to take place during the designated time.

Non-contact Pastoral Visits

Please click here to go to our Religious Services page. Shall be done during normal visiting hours.


Other Professional Visitors

Professional visits are preferred to take place during normal visiting hours.