Full-time employees are provided with the benefits listed below. For more information on these benefits, please contact our Human Resources Department at (434) 977-6981 x210.

               Annual Leave                                         Amount earned based on duration of employment

               Sick Leave                                              15 days per year

               Optional Sick Leave Bank                     Use up to 45 days of leave once sick leave has been exhausted

               Paid Holidays                                         12 per year, plus additional holidays may be awarded at the 

                                                                                discretion of the Superintendent

               Military Leave                                         15 days per year

               Other Leave                                            FMLA, Bereavement, Maternity/Paternity, Court/Jury, Inclement

                                                                                Weather (if applicable), etc.

               Health, Dental and                                 Anthem; two plans to choose from, including a Health Savings

               Vision Insurance                                      Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account as options.

               Retirement Benefits                               Virginia Retirement System (VRS) www.varetire.org


               Hazardous Duty Supplement                VRS supplement benefit added to monthly retirement payment                

               (Sworn Staff Only)                                   


               Line of Duty Benefits                              www.valoda.org/

               (Sworn Staff Only)

               Optional Deferred Compensation        457 plan through Nationwide

               Group Life Insurance                              Minnesota Live/VRS

               Optional Life Insurance                          Minnesota Life/VRS or Symtra

               Optional Personal Accident                   AFLAC Personal Accident Indemnity Plan


               Optional Flexible Spending                   Options for health care or dependent care



                                                                     ADDITIONAL BENEFITS/INCENTIVES

                                  Employee Assistance Program                                   Shift differential (Sworn Staff and Medical Staff Only

                                  Uniforms/ Equipment Provided (Sworn Staff)           4.5% Pay Increase After 1 Year

                                  Higher Starting Pay for Prior Experience/Military/Education


                                  Pay Increase for Degrees/Certificates                        College Tuition Reimbursement

                                  Training/Training Expenses Covered                          Training Opportunities

                                  Free On-Site Gym Access                                            Free On-Site Parking      


                                  Reduced Gym Memberships                                       Free Lunch

                                  Employee Events                                                          Employee Awards/Recognitions

                                  Gap Pay (Sworn Staff)