Revised as of 5/24/2021

It is the policy of the facility to provide clean clothing and items to inmates for their use.


  • Inmates must mark all personal property or it will be discarded.

  • Monthly and weekly schedule are subject to change.

  • The laundry operates during the week for the purpose of cleaning facility issued linen and clothing.

  • Inmates may send personal clothing to the laundry, using the laundry bag.

  • This is a service to the inmates, and the facility will not be responsible for lost or damaged personal items sent to the laundry.

  • The issuance of all facility clothing and bedding will be recorded, and you will be held accountable for damaged, lost, or stolen items. 

  • All Inmates shall cooperate in the exchange of laundry which is mandatory and failure to do so when requested will result in disciplinary action. 

  • Clothing will be issued on a "one for one" basis. 

  • Each Inmate is responsible for each article of clothing and linen that is issued to them.

  • Inmates are held accountable for the use of all jail issued property. 

  • Linen Exchange is MANDATORY

  • Inmates can apply to be a Laundry Trustee.


For Questions/concerns regarding the laundry processing and delivery please contact:

Gequetta “G.” Murray-Key, Chief of Operations at